Be the CEO of SEO

Having a business website is a great one stop shop for people to find out more about your unique offerings, values and gifts to the world. However, once it is up and running you just need to review and do a few things to ensure that now you have built, they (your customers) will come. Welcome to the world of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.


SEO is the practise of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. In other words, if you optimise your website you increase your chances of being found in google search.

So, how do you go about doing this you may ask?  Well here are five introductory steps to start your SEO process:


1.Optimise your website’s in-built SEO

Whether you have used a website template package like Fasthosts or WordPress or worked with a web developer to build your website, your platform will have an in-built SEO function to help optimise your website being found in google search.

Take full advantage of this by completing the meta tags (page title) and meta description (a brief summary of what that specific webpage is about) for every web page that you want to be found in google search. Different web platforms may have different names for meta tags and meta descriptions so find out yours and complete it.

The meta description should be a 2-3 sentence summary of your webpage for it is this and the page title that are the snippets that appear on google search when someone types in your web address or comes across it through keyword search.


2.Have unique page titles for every web page

Every web page must have its own unique page title. No page title should be the same on your website. Keywords should be in your page title and meta description for google to consider and bring up the relevant web page to a potential customer. You do not want the google bots to get confused now. 

Subheadings are also a useful way to be found in google search. If you follow the HTML format for headings on a web page i.e. H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 and H6 you are allowed up to six on a page.


3.Write quality copy

Always write your web copy with your audience in mind. However, to have ‘google friendly’ copy write quality content that is relevant and has the appropriate keywords for that page. This is what the google bots are looking for when they are indexing and deciding which web page to serve up to a potential customer searching for the information that you have but you want to be the information that they get and need.  


4. Earn you backlinks

Having another website link to yours is like an online vote of confidence. It is other people and business’s way of saying you have good quality content that we want to be associated with and share. Backlinks contribute to the quality score google will give you for the content of your web page so the more relevant backlinks you have google will read it as your website being a ‘domain authority’ in that field. Thus more likely to serve up your website to potential customers during a keyword search.


5. Engage in writing fresh and dynamic content

A great way of being found online is to increase your digital assets. As well as your website and social media channels having a blog and/or e-newsletter in which you are sharing quality, relevant content on a weekly or monthly basis, increases your digital assets and the opportunity of your business being found online.


6. Utilise your Social Media

Your social media is a great way to promote your website through organic posts or paid advertising. In using your website as a landing page for key information, social media can raise awareness of your brand and increase your online presence because people can share the content of your site.  


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