5 Lessons Small Business Can Learn from Covid-19

Billy Ocean sang ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.’ So, what are the five things that small businesses can learn from COVID-19 during these unprecedented times?


#1.C – Take  Control – In these rapidly changing times, keep calm and carry on with what you can take control of. With national and local governments having to make up-to-the minute decisions (governed by ‘science’) that can close or limit your business operations, have a business continuity/interruption plan in place. Remember to keep customer communication and service front of mind through these disruptive times.


#2. O -  Look for the Opportunities – it is important to keep hold on to the belief that something good will come out of this. What is the opportunity for you and/or your business to pivot or innovate? Could your business go online? Add a new product or service? Form a strategic partnership with another business? Cater for a new market with your current product, services or skills?


#3. V- Validate ideas– this is a time to experiment with new ideas and ways of working. Don’t be scared to try out new things and test, test , test to see if they work, need refining or an iteration.


#4. I – Invest in yourself – at times like these it is very easy as a small business owners to lose sight of the fact that you are your business's best asset. So, use this time to invest in developing new skills and knowledge for your business and professional development.  Even indulging in unrelated hobbies, interests and passions to keep up your spirits can have an up-turn. You never know where it could lead to…


#5. D – Develop systems, processes and procedures for operations; and to keep your business COVID safe. When you are dealing with what seems like chaos, structure and order is needed.


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Get Covid-19 Advice and Guidance for Small Business and the Self Employed from the Federation of Small Businesses here


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