4 Ways to Validate a Business Idea

Got an idea for a business? New product? Service? Concerned that if you commit the time, money and effort will it work out? Although life has no guarantees the only thing that brings about change is action. So, you just have to start. Once you are on the road as the 13th century poet and scholar Rumi, says ‘As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.’

Therefore, to validate an idea, Lisa Nichols, world renowned motivational speaker and coach says there are 4 things you can do:


1.       Set yourself up as an authority in your chosen field.   Show this is in your social media, website and other chosen medium to showcase and share, what you know and what you do so that you are seen as the go to person for it.

2.       Speak of the outcome of your product and service so that potential customers will know the problem it solves and/or the desire it meets.

3.       Show the evidence of how your product or services works and the impact it has had with testimonials, social proof etc.

4.       Start up by launching your product or service in beta so that customers can co-create and feedback to help you better meet their needs.


Want to know more?

Watch Lisa Nichols's, CEO of Motivating the Masses video ‘Validate your Ideas’ here

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