4 Ways to Give You and Your Business a Digital Detox

Spring is finally here Yay! Traditionally, the time of year to spring clean to step up activity in these lighter days. To help you streamline your digital activity here  are  4 ways to give you and your business a digital detox:


1.       Is your email inbox overflowing with opened and unopened emails that are not categorized and easy to find? Whatever your email client, you’ll thank yourself for spending 10-15 mins a day for one week deleting old emails and categorising your important ones. As the digital equivalent to decluttering it will make you feel lighter and when you need to find that all important email, you will know where to go.


2. How is your social media holding up? Does your bio speak to what your business does now? Do you signpost with an email, website address, blog etc so your audience can find out more? Are your posts and branding, relevant, relatable and resonate with for your target audience?


3.       Is your business website up to date? Does it promote the products and services you sale now? What about the look and feel? Is the content clean, short, sharp and free from errors?


4.       What could you do to give yourself digital downtime in regard to your digital activity. Technology is great for saving us time and finding and getting key information for your business However, with so much information coming at us it is easy to get digital overload. Particularly, as social media is 24/7 and on average people spend a minimum of 2 hours on it a day.  So what could you digitally delete or delegate to manage your time online?



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