4 Reasons for your Business to Get Online

With the ever-growing march of digital technologies transforming ecommerce and disrupting the high street, having an online ‘shop front’ is needed now more than ever.

Here are 4 key reasons why your business needs to get online:  

1.       The impact and disruption of COVID-19 has shown that if you want business continuity during uncertain times then your business needs to be online. All or part of your services/products online could help keep you afloat during testing times.

2.       90% of users are searching for local information online. So, having a local presence with a Google My Business Profile can help you be found online.

3.       85% of online customers take a product-related action within 24hrs of seeing a product that meets their needs. So, if your competitors are online and you are not, you are increasing their competitive edge.

4.       Social  media are channels that enable you to promote your business, services and products, test out ideas with a shop and raise your profile with thought leadership that are free. Great way to start out in business on a budget before you develop your brand and a website.


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