3 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Euro 2020

Euro 2020 has gripped the nation and it has been a joy to watch this young, diverse and talented set of footballers go from strength to strength. Football can be a metaphor for work and life, so what 3 things can entrepreneurs learn from the performance and mindset of the England football team?


T is for TimeNo matter how many knock backs and disappointments that you have – everybody does have their day. Time can be a healer if you are willing to play the long game through patience and perseverance. Gareth Southgate is a case in point. He may have missed the penalty in Euro 1996 however, he has come along way with the England team.


T is for Talent – From the speed of Saka, fearlessness of Sterling to the striking prowess of Kane, there is no denying that this team has got talent. However, the humbleness and comeback stories of each of the players shows that talent is nothing without hard work and resilience to create your opportunities of luck.


T is for Team Although this squad is bursting with a lot of talent, they understand Michael Jordan’s point that there is no ‘I’ in team. From taking the knee, to pep talk group huddles and of course on  the pitch partnerships, notably exemplified by Sterling and Kane, who you have on your side and how you work together matters. So does the leader who builds and shapes the team. Gareth Southgate has instilled a unity and belief in the team that everybody has a part to play in achieving their ultimate goal and vision. So, what will be your style of leadership?

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