Test, Test, Test and Forget the Rest (for now): Taking One Business Idea Forward

When we are thinking about starting a business we are buzzing with ideas and feel overwhelmed with what idea to take forward. It is at this point we can get stuck in analysis paralysis when is called for is a ‘fail fast and fail forward’ mindset. In other words, you have to start somewhere to get somewhere so pick one idea that excites you, can utilise your skills set and start up in a time and financial efficient way.  Focus and moving forward is what is called for here.

So apart from canvassing family and friends and tapping into books, podcasts and other resources how can you test if there is a market to buy your goods and at what price point?

To start your business journey online you can use social media to support your ‘ideation’ stage in 4 ways:


1.     Engage in social listening. Join Facebook groups and Twitter threads and conversations on interest groups for your product/service or groups that are likely to be your audience. Facebook is great for the latter where you can get to listen in be of help in answering people’s problems and post your question to help you with product/service research.


2. Do an online poll or survey – Twitter and Facebook are great ways to share polls and surveys to canvas people’s opinions and find their A or B preferences. If you keep them short and write questions in ways that can help you take one product or service forward, this can be a useful way to start a conversation with potential customers.


3.       Presell your idea – have a product or service that you have not made yet but need the finances to do so? Some entrepreneurs presell their idea through a Facebook or Instagram page to gauge if people will pay for it. When they have enough people signed up to make it financially viable, bingo they go into production stage.



4.        Social media shop – feeling bold and confident about your product/service? You could set up an e-commerce shop on Facebook or Instagram. The affordable paid advertising on both platforms means you can broaden your reach and raise your brand awareness whilst experimenting with your start-up business idea before moving formally over to a website.



Thinking about starting a side business?

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Have a business already? Need support in starting and developing it online?

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