Summer Start Up

Summer is here and the longer, lighter and brighter days give us that renewed sense of energy to get things done. Now I know for women the ‘juggle struggle’ is real. However, if you had 1 hour a week to devote to a passion project what would you do? Yes, a ‘Power Hour’ to focus on your business and/or career in a way that allows you to play, and brings you joy.

Whether you want to start up a side or main business / passion project, due to the busyness of women’s lives you have to think ‘go slow to grow.’ Remember small steps lead to giant leaps and if you have school aged child or children and/or caring responsibilities,  the season of life that you are in will impact on how consistent you can be. For your priorities will shift and change according to your family’s needs.

So, in setting aside that weekly ‘Power Hour’ in your lunch break or while the kid(s) are at club, start dreaming about what you want to do. More importantly start clarifying WHY you want to start up a business/ passion project.  3 questions you could ask yourself:


Why is it important to me to start up my business /passion project?

If anything, COVID-19 has taught us, it is life is too short and you do not know what is around the corner. Women tend to sit on an idea to do something for years before they act.  So, if not now, then when? So, if not you, then who? Why not try, experiment and have fun along the way because confidence grows through action. Also, you will be living a life that is an expression of your goals and values and will feel more aligned and energised by your new path and journey in life.

Why is it important to my family to start up my business /passion project?

What better way to role model to your children and /or partner the importance of pursing your passion and interests; and if it takes off, they would have learnt more than just the benefits of financial rewards.

Of the financial rewards,  the additional income could reach a point that it gives you and your family new choices in how you spend your money and time.


Why is it important to my potential clients that I start up my business / passion project?

One of the reasons some women do not start businesses is because they think the market is crowded. However, only you can serve a particular niche audience in a particular way. As Jadah Sellner says, ‘There is no such thing as a unique message, only unique messengers.” Somebody needs what you know from you. So do not hide your gifts and talents  Just imagine how you could transform somebody’s life.


from The Business of Life Blog xx

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