Life Lessons for Personal Development

"Life and business is like the changing seasons…You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself."(Jim Rohn).


John Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker who greatly shaped the careers of renowned coaches like Tony Robbins. At the age of 25 Rohn’s joined the company Nutri-Bio. This career move changed this life because one its founders, Mr Shoaff informally mentored him. Rohn attributes his success to the life lessons Shoaff taught him. Personal development and responsibility. 

In starting and growing a business, your personal development is in direct correlation to your business success because you are your business. So, how do we manage business and life the Jim Rohn way? Here a 4 life lessons he learnt and shared in his workshops:


Lesson 1 - Learn how to handle the winters. Life has its difficulties. However, after winter there is a spring. So, we must learn to ride the long cold winters (build resilience) to get to lighter shorter days.


Lesson 2 - Learn how to take advantage of the Spring.  This is about spotting your opportunities and knowing how to capitalise on them. In life you get what would call destiny and/or once in a lifetime moments. For Oprah 'luck' is when preparation meets opportunity.  Being open and curious about what comes your way even if it is not in the plan could be a life changing pivot for you and.or your business. 


Lesson 3 - Learn how to look after your crops all year round. Rohn used the analogy of how people can intrude your farm / garden. Albeit your business and/or life. Therefore, for Rohn  it is important to protect what you started and defend your values throughout your life. 


Lesson 4 - Learn how to reap in the fall without complaint (if you do not do well) or apologies (if you do well).  At the heart of this, Rohn argues that we have to take full responsibility for the good and the bad that comes into our life and make a  change it if needs be. 


Want to know more? 

Learn more from the book  ‘The Season of Life’ by Jim Rohn here

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