Is it time for a new look online?

If you are new to online marketing or having to pivot your business from  social media to a website ‘shop front’ how do you design your first small business website?

Here’s how in 8 steps:

1.        Do a website audit of 3 of your competitors and a website outside of your industry to generate brand and content ideas.

2.       Decide if you are going to build it yourself using a website template package (e.g. WordPress, Fasthosts, Wix, Squarespace) or procure a web developer to build and design from scratch. The former is a cost effective one stop for web hosting, domain name registration and creating a business email. While the latter, is more expensive but with a clear brief you get a customised website to your taste and specific business needs.

3.        Decide on a website hosting provider (companies that rent out their server space to keep all your webpages and give easy access to your website over the internet) that you are going to use and create and register a domain name for your business.

4.       Put together a 2-page brand book to cover the look, feel and image of your website e.g. colours, fonts, photos, typography, infographics etc that would resonate with your ideal customer

5.       Design your website with the user experience (UX) front of mind. Sitemaps help to layout how your customers will navigate your website from beginning to end. What signature products do you want customers to buy?

6.       Make your web copy  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly so you can be found in google when people to a keyword search

7.       Use royalty and copyright free photos and images; and if not ensure you have written permission from the original source

8.       Make sure your website is legally compliant e.g. Copyright, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy (if relevant) and GDPR

Remember, the purpose of your small business website is to do what I call the 3C’s:

  • CONNECT to your ideal customers and community
  • CAPTUTRE the names and email addresses of actual and potential clients for your email list and sales pipeline
  • CONVERT browsers into buyers


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