How will you be spending the summer? Business and life planning for the months ahead

Tomorrow is technically the first day of summer. Traditionally, as some businesses ramp up to take advantage of the summer holidays, for others it is a time to rest and restore with the quiet months giving them the opportunity to plan for the Autumn term. However, with the advent of Covid-19 and the easing of lockdown businesses are having to press the reset button to plan for the ‘new normal’. Women in business and Mumpreneurs may also have the added responsibility of having to make plans that take it to account caring for elderly relatives and/or children who may and may not go back to school!

For working women, the personal has always been political and there are times when ones professional and personal life does bleed into one another. Covid-19 has been a case in point in upping the ante in the physical (domestic) and emotional lifting that women have had to do to support their families and partners whilst working during these unprecedented times.

With 3 months of summer ahead of us and the nation taking brave steps towards unlocking the economy, it is important for women to reclaim their time and head space back so they can start planning and working on their business. Questions you may want to ask yourself are:

·       What goals do I want to achieve in the next 90 days?

·       What programmes, packages, products and/or services do I want to offer?

·       What resources and support will I need to be able to achieve this?

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