ENCORE: What Online Platform is Fit for Your Business’s Purpose?

There are so many different ways that you can represent your business online.

How do you choose what platform to use when there is so much choice?

Lack of technological knowledge and feeling out of your comfort can soon turn to overwhelm. However, with a few simple questions you can start the research process with confidence and ease?

1.       What three websites in your industry and one outside that you like? Give reasons why?

2.       What type of online platform does your business need? A website? Blog? Sales page?         E-commerce or online courses site?

3.       What is your budget?

4.     Do you want a templated design, templated design with limited add on features or fully customisable platform?

5.       Will you build it yourself or hire someone else to design and/or build your online platform?

So, what platform is fit for your business’s purpose?

website checklistpng