3 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way to Start Up

It is not unheard of for women to sit on a business idea for 3, 5 or even 10 years! Common reasons given are ‘ I will wait until the kids get older’; ‘Someone has done it before, why would they buy from me’ ; ‘Who am I to do this’; I don’t have the knowledge or skills’. Carrie Green founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association argues that some women can get in their own way because of  the resistance that shows up and holds them back. She argues that there are 3 main types. So, if the first step to overcoming them is to know them., what do women need to look out for:

1.       Lack of Clarity Sometimes it is the case that we have lots of business ideas or the one that we have is not fully formed. However, being confused is not  to going to take you forward; while being crystal clear on what you want for your business and life will. This vision and mission is your target and your why. How you get there does not need to be figured out but what you want to create does.  It will determine how you spend your time, effort and energy.  So, write down your hopes and dreams for 1, 3, 5 and 10 years of your business and life. Don’t edit yourself, own your goals.

2.       Lack of Confidence – we all can have a running dialogue as to why something won’t work out. However, evidence of the success of other women’s businesses shows that it can. So, identify when, where and how the lack of confidence shows up and what can you do to overcome it practically and mentally. 

3.       Lack of Competence – Having a business idea is one thing. Having the knowledge and skills to execute it is another.  However, women tend to underestimate the skillsets that they have that can be used in business.  So, it is worth doing a skills check or audit to identify your strengths. To help move the needle though, what is the next best step that you could take to move your business idea forward? Utilise resources such as books, podcasts, google search, YouTube and business associations etc to help you get there.


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