3 Tips on How to Do a Website Design Audit?

If you are looking to design your first business website or redesign an old one, the first step is to conduct a mini website review in your market to see how other businesses have done theirs.


In undertaking a competitor website analysis, it will give you the opportunity to identify design, branding, function and copy ideas; as well as gain clarity on how to position yourself in the business market.

So, let's dive in:  

1.     Choose 3 websites in your industry/sector and one outside for design ideas

2.     Create an excel spreadsheet put the names of the websites on the top row and in the left hand column put the following headings in each row.

-         Menu

-         Navigation

-         Brand Colours/Design/Font

-         Copy/Content

3.     Summarize what you like and don’t like in each of the above headings for each website you have identified to audit 

From here you are building up picture of how you could design your website and how you could do it differently.  #WebsiteAudit #WebsiteDesign