It’s None of your Business or is it? Why Women Need Entrepreneurship as Part of their Career Toolbox.

Women live longer than men FACT. Humans are living the 100-year life FACT. The retirement and pension age have risen FACT. So how are women supposed to financially look after themselves and/or their families when the job for life has gone and the old trajectory of EDUCATION – JOB – RETIRE does not work anymore? Women are now looking at sustaining a career over 50 -60 years from the time they leave college or graduate! 

With women’s careers stopping, starting or being put on hold due to a rise in fertility issues, taking time out to get/stay pregnant, maternity leave, raising a family, redundancy and all the ‘isms’ (ageism, sexism and racism) in between impacting on women's career's, it is not only time to rethink what a 60-year career looks like but more importantly how to CREATE one.  

For if your career is not progressing fast enough, have taken a wrong turn, need a professional challenge, require flexibility or need a way to bounce back from redundancy and work issues, there is an answer – entrepreneurship.

Welcome to the Business of Life a blog that celebrates and showcases women entrepreneurs of different ages and life-stages. It is a business case on why women need to know about entrepreneurship and self- employment if they are going to sustain a long career for a long life.  

Packed with career life lessons for women of all ages, it is a blog that celebrates and showcases diversity in female entrepreneurship. Doesn't matter what age or life stage you are at entrepreneurship IS an opportunity for you.   So, whether you have just left college or graduated and have it all in front of you, are or want to be a working mother but present parent, have 20-30 years working life under your belt and are a seasoned pro and/or have caring responsibilities the message is the same. Entrepreneurship can be for you as side, flexible or full-time business.

Read It | Believe It |Do It.

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