Home is Where the Heart is. Setting Up a Business from Home

We have seen a rise in people setting up businesses during the pandemic.   However, where to set up ‘shop’ has become a critical issue because we have seen the effect that the lockdowns have had on non-essential retail and the hospitality sector. So, even if you go down the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ route you still need to have some sort of e-commerce presence.

However, what has been interesting to note is that the ‘work from home’ message during the pandemic has led some people and families to move to the suburbs, countryside or near the sea. With organisations re-thinking where and how people work being in a commutable distance of ‘the office’ is no longer a requirement. With a laptop and good Wi-Fi people can work from anywhere.

Therefore, if you are thinking about setting up a  business would a ‘home-based’ business be the way forward in the ‘new normal’. If so, what are the 4S’s that you need to consider:


1.       Skills: What skills do you have that will enable you to provide products or services from home and online? For example, teaching, coaching, consulting, content creator, marketing. 

2.       Season: The season of life that you are in will need to be factored in. For example, if you are young and living in shared accommodation, have a child about to start primary/secondary school or have ageing parents a move may be on the cards. Therefore, setting up your business to be location free; and looking for accommodation that can accommodate your business is something to consider.

3.       Systems: Good Wi-Fi connectivity and speed is a given but what about the systems you will need to able to deliver your product or service.   By breaking down the operational process from order to delivery, you will be able to identify the people that you will need virtually to support you at any given stage and the type of processes to collaborate e.g., Trello, Base Camp, Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft One Drive and SharePoint  

4.       Space: Where will you set up office at home? In a study, spare bedroom, garden room, garage etc. If you have stock where will you store it? Knowing where and how you will work from home helps you and your family to get into routine and respect the boundaries and space needed for you to work and deliver your product or service.


Want to know more?

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