5 Quick Ways to Give your Business a Digital Spring Clean

The government has announced its roadmap for coming out of #lockdown3. Fortunately, it coincides with us stepping into spring. The reopening of society not only gives us the opportunity to spring clean our lives but also our business.  The business you started with may not be the business you have or want right now. So, what could you do to refresh and reset your business? Well, in regard to your digital marketing, here our 5 ways to digitally spring clean yours:  

1.       Revisit your social media bios. Does it communicate what you sell or what the business transformation is right now.  Also, how do you now trade? For example, if you had a bricks and mortar business before but now only have an Etsy store have you got that link in the bio?

2.       Is your social media branding and posts en pointe? Is it communicating what you want people to feel when they land on your channels e.g. informed, educated, inspired? Would they be able to know instantly what your business offering is?

3.       Are your website and social media images reflective of the audience that you serve now or would like to in the future? A picture says a thousand words so let people see themselves in your business.

4.       Is your business website set up and structured to meet your business goals now and over the next 2-3 years? It is hard to sell what people don’t know so update your products and services and refresh its look and feel to attract the audience that you serve now so that you can connect, capture and convert your web visitors. Also proofread and edit your website  content so that it is clean, short, sharp and to the point.

5.       Have you fully utilised your email signature to communicate what you do and what your vision/mission is? Job titles, summary of services, straplines and links to your website and social media channels are quick ways to advertise to customers and suppliers what your business is about in this season. 

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