Who is this VIP Coaching Masterclass for?

Are you a female small business owner, freelancer, solopreneur or mumpreneur?


Affected by the coronavirus pandemic and need to get your business online? 

Feel overwhelmed as you don't know where to start?

Don't Worry!!


If you are ready to start or grow your business and personal income  


Join me, Linda, for a 1-2-1  90 minute 

VIP Web Design  & Business Coaching  Session

where we make you and your business the star of the show!

How can you help me Linda?

Helping Women Develop Digital Skillspng


Let's unleash your business potential online?

So that you have:  

A professional looking business website that works for you

SEO friendly copy for your website

A roadmap plan for your web and social media content activity to grow your community

 to get you... 

 prospective client enquiries that you can convert to customers 

How can you save me the stress and worry of getting this web marketing job done Linda?


By booking  a VIP Coaching Masterclass you are  giving yourself the 

permission, time and head space to get the web design job done. 

"Save yourself the time and speed up the process of unleashing your business potential "

Here's How It Works: 

After booking your session I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out about your business, website ideas/challenges and goals

In our 90 minute 1-2-1 Skype coaching call I will take you through the 3T’s process:

1.  We will TALK through the problem. 

2. We will come up with a solution which I will TEACH you.

3. We will brainstorm a plan on how to TAKE the next steps to get the job done.  

Remember you are not alone!!!

 I will hold you to account!!!

2 weeks after our coaching session I will check in  on you. 

 So, if you need further support 3Cs Digital is still here to help.


When starting out and developing a business I have seen women:  

Become overwhelmed as to where to start

Focus on the wrong things that aren’t making money

Know they  must be visible but hide from their potential success
because they are introverts  

Are great at what they do but no-one knows about them (yet!)


Why do I know this? I have seen it time and time again. 

I have also been there and done that my friend. 


So, get online and get known my friend! 


I am here to support you and through this 90 minute intensive coaching programme 

get you and your business back on track to:


·     Broadcast to the world that you are open for business

·     Tell the world that you have the products and services that they need

·     Kick start or get you unstuck in your business online marketing journey

·     Get the time and head space to focus on the business activities that matter

·     Learn new knowledge and skills that can help you and your business 

·     Bring in revenue because every delay in getting your website done is a day lost in sales

·     Grow your business income to obtain the financial freedom and choices you desire

·     Work with an web marketing specialist who has been there and done that and knows how to save you the time and hold you to account to get the job done

In business ‘people buy from people’. 

Therefore, how you show up online is equally as important as how you are in person.  

Therefore, your website and digital assets must:  


·     be professional

·     authentic

·     build trust

·     promote products and/or services that do what it says on the tin

·     create community

·     serve a community

·     connect to the maximum amount of people who need your services and products 


All to help you be memorable and top of mind!

Tell me a bit about yourself Linda? 



My name is Linda and I foundered 3CsDigital 


women small business owners just like you!   

3Cs Digital is in the business of getting and unleashing your business potential online through web design, copywriting, content marketing and social media services to grow your business income and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.   

Having set up a small business from idea to start-up before, I know what it is like first-hand to be Jill of all trades but only having time for some! I can appreciate the anxiety and stress that using or developing a skill that you are not an expert in can bring.

Take online marketing, key to developing and growing your business.  If you don't have a marketing experience to fall back on, don't know where to start or simply don't have the time or head space to get your online marketing materials together,  3Cs Digital can save you the time, energy and worry in designing and writing content 

for your website and/or social media.

As an web marketer and content marketer with over 20 years’ experience (covering sales, marketing, business writing, web design/editing and social media management roles for well-loved brands, companies and elite business schools) holder of the professional industry Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification, a postgraduate in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) in which I was awarded a FIRST, I love using the power of words to connect people to great products and services that can bring them happiness, joy and/or transform their lives for the better.   I truly believe that digital technologies are a gateway to life-changing opportunities not only for customers but small business owners too.  


By working with you to grow your business and personal income, I want you to feel empowered to strive for the financial freedom and independence you desire for you, 

 your family or the communities you serve.  

For when good people make good money, wonderful things can happen.

So, whether yours is a small, boutique, medium, a side hustle, 

freelance or a social enterprise business 

3Cs Digital is here to help.

Having Linda as my accountability coach helped me in more ways than one. I believe the main positive outcome from working with Linda was her natural ability to build my confidence. This was key in making me realise that I am capable of achieving my goals.
Candice, Founder Producers Cue Media

3Cs Digital not only got my business back online with a new website, a Google My Business profile was also set up for free. All part of the service in developing my online presence. Linda was a pleasure to work with and really took the time to listen to what my business needed.

Karen,, The Co-Create Website Package

It's time to invest in your entrepreneurial dreams. 

Are you ready to join me!!!