What’s in a Name? 3 tips When Choosing a Business Name for your Website

In an ideal world when we set up our business’s we would also step up our websites at the same time. However, most small business owners would have been trading under a business name for some time on Instagram, Facebook or another platform.

Therefore, changing a business name may not be easy, However, either way here are 3 things to consider when choosing a domain name (website address name) for your business website.



1.     Is it taken?

You are now ready to have a business website. However, is your business name available as a domain name (website address name). To check you can do a:

o   Google Search

o   Check Companies House where people register their businesses

o   Use a domain name checker such as the UK Domain by Nominet

o   Use the domain name checker of the platform in which you want to host your website e.g. Fasthosts, Wix, WordPress for example


2.     Is the name memorable and reflective of your business?

Is your business name memorable and reflects what your business sells and/or serves. If you are in a ‘trade’ e.g. hairdressers, plumbers and builders tend to have those words in their business name so you know what you are getting. It is doing what it is saying on the tin. However, if you find that your target audience doesn’t make the association between your business name and what you offer, your website address gives you the opportunity to rethink and review your business name. Remember, once you register a domain name you can’t change it, unless you set up another website.  So do your research and give your business website name serious consideration 


3.     Is it keyword searchable?

Does your business name have searchable keyword (s) in it? This is known as a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) technique to help your business website to be indexed and ranked by a google search. For example, if you are a florist do you have ‘Floristry’ ‘Flowers’ or ‘‘Bouquet’ in your business name? If not, is this something you could weave into your website domain name? Also, if your business domain name is taken and you have to tweak it, avoid numbers and symbols like hyphens.  People don’t tend to add these to their search queries if they are searching for your website with just the name.


from The Business of Life Blog xx

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